a&s Asia, March 2018:- a&s Asia magazine covered Kiran Natraj’s (CEO, Entrib Analytics) viewpoint over the growth drivers in Asia, deployment conditions in India and current challenges for IIoT’s deployment in the Asian region.

The manufacturing sector in Asia has a huge potential through the penetration of Industry 4.0 in shop floors. With its total market value of $66.7 billion and expected growth at a compound annual rate of 14.7%, this region holds the largest market share of the Industry 4.0 market at current.

According to Kiran, the ‘Digital India’ & ‘Made in China 2025’ initiatives taken by the government are the major growth drivers for IIoT in Asia. Both of these governments are expected to contribute heavily into the Asia-Pacific IIoT market.

Entrib has brought significant changes to one of its clients through its IIoT based solution – “We have done complete digitization of factories in India. In one case one of our customers – Prince Pipes and Fittings – has succeeded in digitizing one of their factories in the North thanks to IIoT” added Kiran Natraj.

However, for IIoT to be fully adopted – a number of challenges still remain in Asia. “Identifying a strategy of implementing IIoT is the most critical aspect. A lot of manufacturers want to do PoCs (Proof of Concepts) without really setting clear goals for such projects. Bringing in consultants definitely helps in making the strategy more likely to succeed” stated Kiran.

In order to avail benefits from IIoT, manufacturers in Asia are suggested to understand its concept and benefits upon implementation. Once this happens, the concept of IIoT is sure to be spread across the whole region.

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