Cisco launchpad

Cisco Launchpad Cohort#2

Bangalore, India May 8 2017 – Entrib makes it to Cisco Launchpad – A Cisco-Startups-Partners Initiative

Innovation and startups have always been central to Cisco’s DNA. Startups form the foundation of our multi-billion dollar businesses of today and tomorrow.

Our journey within India began over 20 years ago. Today we are a dynamic innovation engine with a 6500+ R&D workforce which generates 2 patents a week on average.

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Entrib’s IIoT platform – ShopWorx highlighted at the Make in India – Karnataka Conference

Bangalore, India February 15, 2017 – A sectoral session on ‘Manufacturing Startups’ was held on Tuesday at the Make in India – Karnataka conference organized by the Karnataka Govt. in association with Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Government of India, and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

The event’s key focus was on how the Karnataka Government is giving a thrust on manufacturing and encouraging startups in the manufacturing sector.

Following an addressing speech by chief guest, a panel discussion was conducted involving 10 startups who have been contributing to the Indian manufacturing sector through their unique solutions.

Within the Panel discussion, Kiran Nataraj (CEO – Entrib Analytics) commented on how Entrib was started with the vision to combine software and manufacturing and help Indian manufacturers. He also showcased Entrib’s flagship product ShopWorx which collects shop floor data, provides analytics and helps improve overall productivity.

Bootstrapped so far, Kiran also added that their journey has been interesting with over 20 customers and over 40 deployments across India.

Are you getting the Right Recommendations in Real-Time? – Talk to our IIot experts for more info

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5 Indian IoT startups connecting 5 different industry sectors

techseen, January 30 2017:- Technologies for developing connected devices are on a rise and many indigenous vendors are gearing up to explore the sea of new possibilities. Ranging from healthcare to agriculture, the IoT leap in India is opening a new tunnel for industries that have remained sluggish for long while depending on redundant technologies..

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5 Sectors Investors Should Keep A Close Watch On, December 29, 2016:- 2016 has been a year of many changes in the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

After going through a period of hyper-growth and exponential scale fuelled by big-ticket investments, the industry has finally entered a phase of consolidation and maturity.

This is most aptly demonstrated in the shift within investor preference from startups with high valuation to early-stage ventures with robust unit economics that promotes sustainability and profitability, along with the scale.

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BW disrupt

5 Promising IoT Startups

BW DISRUPT, June 6, 2016:- IoT will have a great impact on the economy by transforming many enterprises into digital businesses and facilitating new business models, improving efficiency and new forms of revenue.

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Experience Zero Error Tolerance with ShopWorx, March 31, 2016:- ShopWorx (A flagship product by Entrib Analytics) is one of India’s most sought out IoT Company. Welcome yourself to the 4th Industrial revolution with their world-class analytics and systems that maximize efficiency with ShopWorx.

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analytics india

Top 10 IoT startups in India – 2016

By Apoorva Verma,

Internet of Things (IoT) seems to be the latest buzzword in the IT and analytics community. Typically, IoT goes beyond the machine-to-machine communications and covers a variety of devices and applications. Consequently, analytics is used for predictive decision-making using data generated from these M2M and IoT devices. Thus, making it imperative for IoT companies to have indepth knowledge of analytics to realize their full potential for developing futuristic products.

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