Pune, India 16 March 2018:- Outlook Business reported on how Entrib’s flagship product – ShopWorx has managed to integrate Industry 4.0 with Digital Manufacturing into the Discrete Manufacturing (Plastics, Press Metals, Automotive) shop floors.

Doing so, it has proved its worth by providing a 4% raise of their Plant’s availability & 30% increase in productivity in this sector.

ShopWorx aims to digitally transform shop floors while providing a smarter way of manufacturing. By providing data monitoring & analytics solutions in Real -Time, it provides features such as:-

• Production Monitoring,
• Utility Consumption Monitoring (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam),
• Assembly Line Traceability,
• Paint Shop Process & Health Monitoring &
• Maintenance System (Scheduling & Reporting)

The uniqueness of ShopWorx comes with its approach towards developing client-centric, fully customizable & machine agnostic solutions. On asking Kiran Nataraj (CEO) for further elaboration, following were his comments:

“All of ShopWorx developers are motivated to travel to our client’s plants and gained insights of their shop floor. This not only provides a realistic view towards solving key problems through their solutions but encourages them to think innovatively.

For Instance, a developer spent a week figuring out why one of our apps was not being used. He created a QR code-based mobile app that solved key issues on the shop floor avoiding expensive RFID based scanners and providing an innovative solution that encourages usage of mobile phones on the shop floor.”

Entrib Analytics takes a customer-first approach and has integrated more than 1500 machines (Injection & Blow Molding machine, Extrusion machines & Assembly Lines to name a few) to ShopWorx while monitoring and analyzed more than 1 billion products.

“We have added 20+ customers for this year and had a 300% growth in revenue” added Kiran Nataraj.

ShopWorx – Taking the guesswork from managing your shop floor’s operations.

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